Monday, July 14, 2008

No Sleep Til Brooklyn

The city of blinding light

Yeah, so, let's catch up. After brunch on Sunday, we went across the street to sunbathe in possibly the best park ever. Brooklyn Bridge Park. I believe I have gone on, and on.. and indeed on, about how much I love the Brooklyn Bridge before.  But I feel these things can never be said enough. I LOVE BROOKLYN BRIDGE. Lovelovelove.

Heaven looks at you from the Brooklyn Bridge

And Brooklyn Bridge Park, is just spectacular. It's sandwiched between Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges, with this stunning view of the city. In summer, it is one of many places in the city you can catch a free outdoor movie (one of the many reasons I frigging adore NY in the summer). I did this on Thursday night, sobbing my wee little heart out. The reasons for this being threefold: a) the movie was 'Stand By Me', which never fails to get me crying, b) the view was just so so beautiful, through the sunset and then when all the buildings lit up and c) I had forgotten to bring my GODDAMN CAMERA! If that's not a reason to cry like a bambino I don't know what is.  

But don't worry, I'll go see the next good film there and bring that camera if I have to physically staple it to my forehead. Then you'll get to see what I mean.

Inspired by our movie outing, my friend Bex and I felt compelled to come back, on a sunny Sunday afternoon and drink in all the park had to offer. The sun, the view, the atmosphere.

Quenching a thirst

If you're wondering what all that water is coming out of the side of the bridge, don't worry.  It's part of some crazy-ass art thing, man-made artificial waterfalls. I think, at the moment, there's six of those bad-boys at various points up the East River. *Shrugs* I don't think I get it, but GOSH-DARN it's exciting!

Bex in the city

Sunday was so perfect for sun-bathing. I had my iPod in, there was a regular breeze to take the edge off the heat, and all I had to do was turn my head to the left to feel super happy.

And to feel at home. 



Anonymous said...

You watched stand by me at Brooklyn bridge park?!? wow! how awesome is that!!!

Daddio said...

So that's why we coudn't contact you on Sunday - out again.

Enjoy yourself


Anonymous said...

Wow, now that I've worked out I can comment without logging in its easy peasy. Oh I wish I was there with you, it looks amaze and you know how I love to sunbathe.

Ian and I are planning to go to Somerset House to see an open air film, we havent decided what to see yet though.

Looks like another great weekend. Remember sun burn is not cool always follow the Patton Pro Tanner Plan

Miss you xxx From Voley Mc Vole

Little Lj said...

Cheryl: Yes I did! And I plan to see many other awesome films such as 'The Shining' before the summer is out! Expect photos soon.

Dad: Now we have clarified that you are not mad at me.. YES this is why I was not at home to skype... but I think you'll agree it was worth it.. speak to you tomorrow... big love xxx

Holly(!!!!): I wished you were here, as you know, I texted you to say the very same! It was super hot, and even though I forgot my sunblock, I did not get burnt, and instead got a lovely golden glow. WOOP WOOP! And outdoor movies FTW! Although I have just seen your somerset house movies cost 15 quid?!?!?! thats $30?!?!?!?! What the HIZZLE?!?! NYC is free baby! There is no way I would pay $30 to watch a film! But then that is because I am poor. Anyway.. LOVE TO YOU AND YOUR MOTHER xxxx

Eddy said...

Are you gonna do a When Eleanor Came To Stay series of posts after she comes home like with Holly?


And I believe that's the first time Dad has used lol.


Misssssss youuuuuuuu. ~<3

Always Home and Uncool said...

Brooklyn is so underrated. Great pics and post.