Sunday, August 07, 2011

The Success of Frozen Yoghurt as a Cultural Phenomenon

Frae = yay! 

There are quite a few places you can get frozen yoghurt in London these days (including the recently imported to Selfridges foodhall from the US, Pinkberry - an NY fave). It's a fairly new phenomenon in the UK with various local chains popping up, but my favourite - mainly because it doesn't have a hideous name (take note, Snog and Yog) is Frae.

Fro-yo, bro 

So why, is everyone all like, 'Dudes, Fro-yo is the best thing since sliced bread. Mr Whippy is sooo passe'?

Well, I've thought about it, and I'm here to explain. Frozen yoghurt is pretty much the best thing you can eat on a hot summers day (Ha! In London? If only. See: outside my window) for the following reasons: 1) It's delicious and 2) It's fat free. Yes, fat free. It's DELICIOUS and it's FAT FREE. These two things almost never happen at the same time, and for that, I do believe frozen yoghurt to be one of the best things on this earth. I will forever wonder why this invention didn't take off sooner.

Oreos & chocolate chips

Of course, the choice of toppings that you add can drastically reduce your smug angelic 'ooh, aren't I being good and stuff' glow, but even with a few chocolate chips and mini Oreos its a much healthier alternative to your traditional ice cream, and just as nice.

Demolished within approx 10 seconds of this photo being taken 

I highly recommend, for anyone dipping their toe in this concept, the Frae on Camden Passage in Islington. It's perfectly located for a dessert after a meal at a local eaterie or a pitstop midway through pottering around the gorgeous vintage shops in the area, or even just because.

In fact, mostly just because - let this be a lesson to you. There is NO SHAME in planning your entire day around frozen yoghurt. Once you try it, you'll understand. You'll understand and you'll thank me.


Katy said...

Hello! This might sound odd.....i heart your blog! Just came across it!

Love love love the hummingbird cookbook, i reccommend the red velvet cupcakes - heaven!

In other news... I am doing Mountbatten, doing New York and I only hope I can love it like you do! I am starting a (So far, so dull)

Any NY tips appreciated.....

Morgan Jordan said...

We have fro-yo ALL over the US - it's such a craze here too! but I'm glad it is because you're never without it for too long.

PS Your blog is quite great so I'm your newest follower! :)

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

Yes please. Especially the oreos bit. x hivenn

Emma said...

Oh yum, LOVE frozen yoghurt - all the tastiness of ice-cream and none of the guilt! Nice idea with the Oeros, too... x

Harriet said...

I just love Frozen Yoghurt. I think the yoghurty flavour is a lot more refreshing than ice-cream when it's hot and sunny.

Admittedly I am a big Snog fan, but I need to try out some other places as well! The problem with novelty names is everytime I say to my best friend 'ooh, shall we go have a snog?' I get really weird looks...

everyonescelebrity said...

I LOVE FRO YO. I'm in Australia and we dont have Pinkberry but we do have Igloo Zoo and it's so amazing!! <3 it!

xoxo Thom @

Little Lj said...

Katy: Aw thanks so much that's very kind of you to say! Hope you're enjoying NY and MB! I've added your blog to my googlereader, so looking forward to getting your updates!

Morgan: Thanks, glad you like it! I first got into fro-yo when I lived in NY - its everywhere in the US!

Harriet: I've ALWAYS hated the word Snog - uggghhh! It makes my skin crawl! Bad choice of name for a shop!!!

Thom: Igloo Zoo is probably just as good as Pinkberry!

sandryca said...

mmm..thats look YUMY :) <3
love your blog <3