Wednesday, October 01, 2008

There and Back Again?

Back in London Town

When I was little, I always had to know where I was going. Every time I was made to go anywhere on a journey I would feel inexplicably distressed if I didn't know what the destination was. "Where are we going?" had to be answered. And my mother would always placate me with the answer.

My dad on the other hand, has a funny sense of humour.  He would always, always, without fail, answer with:

"Oh... just There and Back Again"

When I was little this would infuriate me.

But then, a long time later in September 07, I had the opportunity to live and work in New York for 12 months.  And this blog was born.

And when I had to leave in September 08, after finding myself in New York City, and after leaving in tears and thoroughly destroyed at thought of where the hell am I going to go from here, I remembered my dad's standard reply from my youth. And it comforted me, because it meant I would be back one day.

Because this blog now, is about where I'm going...

And that's just There and Back Again


Daddio said...

There you go! Even back then, I was preparing you for today.

Little Lj said...

Dad: No, I think you just like winding me up. Some things never change!