Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Friends are the Family I Chose Myself

Laura, Ian & Holly - Oh, and Holly's not a midget, Ian's just 12 ft 3 and Laura likes to wear platform heels

I always knew this, but since I got back from New York, it was made more apparent:

I have the best friends.

They know I have no job. They know I have no money. They know I am all sad and stuff since coming back from the best city in the world. 

So they get me to come to London, and pay my way for a weekend, just to cheer me up.

I nearly got run over by a bus for this

It's been really hard since being back. I spend most of my days on the job hunt, and it's thoroughly soul-destroying to apply for umpteen jobs a day for little reward at the moment. Unfortunately, I've decided I want to work in finance. And finance does not want to give anyone a job at the moment. In fact, it seems that they are even, EVEN, taking away jobs from people they've already given them to years ago! The bloody cheek. 

And on top of this, and missing New York like your mum misses Donny Osmond in his hey-day.. a trip to London with some of the best people in the world was just what the doctor ordered.

God bless them, every one

As you can see, we spent some time wandering on the South Bank. They took me to eat yummy Mexican food.  They took me out to get drunk and dance. Edit: They coordinated one of my favorite couples Helen and Miles to come and get drunk and dance too. This was muchly appreciated and even though blood was shed (really!), we had a super great time. Some tried to get me to request Britney Spears. Some were refused in their requests. But what was important, was they made me excited for the next bit of my life.  They made everything ok again.

Laura is an eggcellent cook

Oh and the next day, when I was hungover and sleepy, and sad because I wanted New York brunch.  They went to the supermarket to get supplies to make me brunch too.

Because they are just that amazing.

Sunset, as overseen by Nelson

Thank you.  You guys rock my tiny world.

Bad boys for life... Yes yes y'all, and we don't stop...


Miles said...

hey Lj,

I am hurt no mention of Miles and my cameo in your weekend - we did plough you with wine, I pushed you into some questionable boys, make you request Britney? (was that me, because sometimes I do that o people?) and then created finger cutting drama.

It was good to see you, hopefully see you again soon for round two!?


helenevans5 said...


That was me who left the last comment all me - not Miles! I am writing this on his laptop and it thought I was him! Eeekkk technology is naughty sometimes!


Little Lj said...

Helen: I'm sorry, I'll amend it now!! I know why I didn't mention it originally, because I wasn't happy with my shizite indoor photography skills, and therefore photos of the amazing night out, and I tend to write based on the photos I put up here. I can't remember who made me request Britney, it was either you or Holly. See you very very soon for round 2!! xx