Friday, October 17, 2008

It's a Dog's Life

The beach. Or biiatch. At B-Mo. Or Bournemouth. Look, whatever man.

Now, look. Bournemouth (B-Mo, as I like to call it), is not a bad place. It's quite pretty, you know, with the coast and everything, and there's the Isle of Wight and I like that to look at. 

But, there's not a lot here for me anymore. I have a few friends knocking about from school and things, but it's so frustrating because most friends that I know and love all live in London town, and it's like I have this whole life there happening, and I'm just not in it.

So my days, are basically spent looking for jobs, and taking my excitement where I can get it. It's not dissimilar to lives of two other things that I know and love...

Meet Arnie (left) and Banjo (right) dogs. Or dawgs. 

Apart from my family, these two bad boys were the things I missed most about home while I was in America. And we have been spending quite a lot of time together in the last month or so. 

They aren't going around looking for jobs like me all day... but they do kind of lie there, patiently... in the small patches of sunlight on the floor, or on my feet, or with their hot slobbery noses all up in my grill...

Or really really cutely like this:

Those are some hott doggs

Just waiting... for the excitement. 

The excitement?

Ah yes, the excitement. And let me tell you, with things the way they are at the moment. They, and I will take what we can get.

Even if it is just a walk on the beach as the sun is going down...

That piece of land is what is known as the Purbecks. And those things in the foreground are what is known as some Arty Clifftop Foliage. To give it it's Latin name.

Or, let's be real here, the crux of the excitement, at least as far as my dogs are concerned, is all contained within one small but perfectly formed rubber ball, and it's trajectory through the air yonder.. ho.

That's my mum. And Banjo. With said ball. I call this... "Anticipation". Oh yes I do.

Isn't that right Banjo? We take our excitement where we can get it.

And that's a tongue right there..

I don't know, but I like to think he's saying.. 

"Damn skippy, you fool, now take me back for my meal of dry dog food.. stat!"

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