Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sneak Preview

For your very own bespoke polystyrene gravestone call 1-800-BITEME 

Dudes. So, the last couple of weeks have been Halloween central around here.  We are having a small party on the cheap (goddamned credit crunch) and so have been coming up with ingenious and thrifty ways to turn our Edwardian townhouse into a creaking dilapidated haunted house.

Well, actually, it's not been that hard. We just laid off the dusting for a bit.

As you can see above, we (oh, who am I kidding?... I) have made some very passable gravestones out of some old polystyrene packaging and cheap poster paint from Wilkinsons. I actually really enjoyed coming up with some oh-so-witty epitaphs and engraving them with a craft knife. And I have to say, they look pretty damn good. Who knew polystyrene gave such an effective cracked stone texture?!

Not me that's for damn sure.


The next job on the list is to carve up these awaitin' pumpkins. These were grown by my granddad, so also very cheap. And by cheap, I mean free. That's another money-saving tip for you, encourage your retired relatives to take up gardening. It really saves on your grocery bills. Plus you get to go round to collect your vegetable loot/bounty, and invariably get given some sort of hot drink and one or more biscuits. It's brilliant.


And I can't show you any more than that without giving too much away. But I think you'll all agree it looks pretty damn exciting.

Now, off to carve those pumpkins and cook up a huge vat of fake blood. I have finally decided that my costume is going to be Carrie, from everyone's favourite prom-queen thriller: Carrie. This involves a lot of blood. A lot.

Stay tuned for a full post-party report, pictures of all the best costumes, and punch-bowl gossip.

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