Monday, July 14, 2008

The Brunchfast Club: Bubby's, Brooklyn

DUMBO - Bridge-tastic - and not an elephant in sight

It's been a while since I went for brunch.  No, actually, scratch that.  It's been a while since I went to brunch and remembered to bring my camera.

Therefore, my new (ir)regular feature of The Brunchfast Club, has only had one post. And don't you worry, I'm ashamed.  I had to forgoe the nightly lashings a few weeks ago as people started to ask questions at work, but I've since been punishing myself on the INSIDE. Promise.

To rectify matters, I made a super special effort to pick up my camera today. Because today we were going to one of my most favorite of places.. the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn.

'DUMBO?!' I hear you cry. 'What the HEEZY?! Isn't that an elephant?!' Well, yes, and NO. DUMBO, in New York actually stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. No jokes.

And it's just lovely. But more about that in another post. (The very next one in fact).

We're here right now to discuss more important matters. Like brunch.

In DUMBO, there is a place called Bubby's.  

That baby loved Bubby's longtime

There's actually two branches of this eaterie - the other one being in Tribeca, Manhattan.  The one in Tribeca (which was where I saved celebrity lives) is always insanely busy, with a queue round the block to get a table.  The one in Brooklyn, the one with which I was to grace with my presence this very day, is not as busy.  For a start it's bigger, and so can cope with more people, and second, it's in Brooklyn. 

However, the important thing is the food is just the same.  And so is the coffee.

Ahh coffee, how I love thee

When we sat down, I was torn. I wanted so much. I wanted eggs, I wanted pancakes, and I wanted some form of meat goddammit! And what to drink? It was over 80 degrees outside, so I wanted water (obv), but then they had a special on their citrus juice presses, and looked just the thing to quench my thirst, but WHAT OF COFFEE?!?!? For the LOVE OF GOD, SOMEONE think of the COFFEE!!

Luckily for me and my gastronomically-confused brain Bubby's had the answer. The Griddle Special. This consisted of my choice of pancakes or french toast (pancakes, clearly), sausage or bacon (er, hello, pancakes and bacon is like peas and carrots... but much, much better), eggs however you like (I always say scrambled because I still don't know what things like 'sunny side up' or 'over easy' actually mean), and CRUCIALLY, your choice of coffee or tea (if you don't know what I chose then get out. Now. Seriously).

GENIUS! All my worries were solved, I had pancakes, I had eggs, I had BACON! And more coffee than you could shake a stick at all for the what-can-only-be-described-as SEXY price of $14. All I then had to do was order a lemon and lime citron press and I was laughing. Literally. (You know I meant literally.)

So there you have it.. BUB-TASTIC-TIMES! And don't worry, I have plenty more brunch places to show you through the medium of the bloggy-wog before my time here is up.  I will never forget my camera again.*

*Famous last words.


Daddio said...

What about the maple syrup?

You can't have pancakes and bacon withouth maple syrup!!!

Have you remembered nothing!

Dis-owned again!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello, yes this is me Holly. I know, I know, I'm rubbish at commenting you, but as you can see I again have forgotten my deets for commenting so have gone for the anonymous approach. But I promise you I check your blog after every weekend to see what you've been up to.

Sounds like you made the right choice with the breakfast but I would have gobe without the eggs of course.

Love you many times over x

Little Lj said...

Dad: As discussed.. maple syrup goes without saying. OBVIOUSLY I HAD IT! I think I used up a whole bottle.

Pfft! Do you even know me anymore!? Hehe :o)

Holly: IM SO HAPPY YOU'RE HERE. All up in my proverbial grill, as you should be. I MISSED YOU! Yes no eggs for you, you little intolerant vole you!! LOVE YOU RIGHT BACK IN YOUR FACE. TWICE.

Daddio said...

Oh yes I do know you - and as the pedant you are, I expected every last detail would be there!

Nothing goes without saying!

The devil is in the detail!

Excess of "!" !!!!!

tigerandtale said...