Monday, April 07, 2008

Sex on the Brooklyn Bridge (aka When Holly Came To Stay - Part IV)

So, in the spirit of the Sex and the City Movie coming out this year, Holly and I booked our little behinds on a Sex and the City Location Bus Tour. 

Here we are, waiting for the bus to get going:

The tour was a lot of fun, we got to see a lot of the locations that were used in the TV show.  The Holy Grail of which was Carrie's stoop:

There were a lot of funny rules according to our tour guide, once we turned into Perry St (which is where said stoop is). No talking, single file, no touching of the stoop. It was all a bit lame actually, because we could go past any other time of day and do what the hizzle we wanted, but I guess they don't want to damage the reputation of the tour guide firm, and the relationship with the owners of the house.  Although, I think the owners of the house need to get a reality check. 

They either bought the house after the show became popular, or owned the house when the show was being filmed, in which case they gave permission for their house to be used. In short, that house now has a place in pop culture and they either knew this when they bought the house, or they accepted the pay cheque for it to be used. And most likely subsequent cheques from tour guide firms wanting to show the house to tourists.  When I compare the huuuge list of diva-like demands these owners had for us to adhere to in order to get a photo in front of the house to the experience I had with another film location bus tour, which stopped outside the Huxtable house from the Crosby's, the difference is vast.  The owner of the Huxtable house was more than happy for groups of people to come by everyday and have their photo taken sat on the stoop, in front of the stoop, upside down on the stoop.  Noone had to stop talking, or take their shoes off, or say any Hail Mary's to get a picture.  The tour guide even said the Huxtable house owner was more than happy for people to come because he was just so damn proud of the house.  

I heart the Huxtable House owner.  I imagine him to be a little old man who has lived there his whole damn life, and who goes by the name of Albert.. or Albie to his friends.  Carrie's stoop owners suck, and I imagine them to be some yuppy power-mad couple in their early 30s, named Gretchen and Martin. Gretchen and Martin will one day invest the majority of their savings in stock that will plummet, Gretchen will also discover she cannot have children (Martin will be secretly relieved).  Albie will win the lottery.  Gretchen and Martin will no longer be able to afford to live at Carrie's stoop on Perry St, and have to sell up and move to the Bronx, Martin will go mad at Gretchen and leave her.  Albie will then purchase Carries stoop and start a lucrative business selling cupcakes out of his window. The end.

Um, yeah, so... moving on from Perry Street's parallel universe, Holly and I carried on with our bus tour to Magnolia's, the infamous Greenwich cupcake bakery.  We sampled said cupcakes with our very own mouths:

Happy we were and fun we had (Yoda, I am not):

And so the bus tour pressed on, and we paid one more stop to Steve and Aidan's bar on Mulberry St.  Where we had Cosmopolitans.  This had a dramatic impact on Holly's mood.  I didn't like to mention it, but she had been a little down.  Maybe she was missing home, maybe she'd had enough of me, but that Cosmo put her back on track.  Behold... the evidence:

Holly - before Cosmo:

Holly - during Cosmo:

Holly - after Cosmo:

And there you have it.  The photos don't lie. The photos do not lie.

Well, then the bus tour was over, and it was still only 2.30.  After a spot of luncheon, we decided to make our way to Brooklyn Bridge.

Holly thought she'd lost me for a minute:

But never fear, I was there all along. Seeing as we were on the bridge, we just decided to keep walking (in the spirit of Forrest Gump).  By doing so, we ended up in Brooklyn.  And Brooklyn is lovely. What follows is possibly one of my favorite photos I have ever taken. 

This is the Brooklyn side of the bridge and I love the contrast of the wooden old building with the strong powerful bridge to the big city. I love the way the bridge, so famous, so well known, doesn't look like its really there, but it really truely is.  I love the way the wooden building looks so much bigger than the bridge, when in reality it is dwarfed by it.  I also like this photo because (aside from the cars) it is hard to tell what year it was taken since the bridge was built.

Holly pondered these things also, but then, as fun as Brooklyn was, we got hungry.  So we made our way to Little Italy for tea, and cake.

Mmm cake *drools*

And so, Holly's time in Manhattan came to an end.  It had been sooo much fun, and I wished she could stay for longer, but she had to get back home and move house and all THAT jazz.  Plus I had a job to get back to. Thank you Holly for coming out here and celebrating my birthday with me!! It wouldn't have been the same without you. 

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