Thursday, May 19, 2011

Roaming Georgetown

All neighbourhoods should have a pink bike on the sidewalk

I'm back! I came back. Call off the search party. I didn't go to America, elope to Vegas with a New York waiter and settle down. Mores the pity.

So here begins the first of many posts about my travels Stateside.

I asked the owner if I could live here. He slammed the door. There endeth the lesson. 

My first stop was DC to visit a great friend of mine. She was a fellow intern on the same exchange programme as me in New York, and we have been friends ever since. She is currently studying at Georgetown University at the moment, and I am jealous as all hell.

Pretty pavement posies 

Georgetown is a gorgeous part of DC, one of the most historic parts of America, with dollhouse architecture, and my friend lives in one of the cosy leafy little back streets off the main street. She gets to wander through streets such as these EVERY DAY. Whilst I am off at boring WORK in stupid LONDON, she gets to study and learn and have things such as KEG PARTIES. For the sake of balance: I SUPPOSE she also has things such as finals, but I'll conveniently gloss over those, much like I tried to do while I was at uni.

My point is, noone has keg parties in London. I wouldn't even know where to go to get any red cups. PFFFT.

 Brass accents

(Can you tell I had a little trouble coming home?)


jamie-lee said...

Wow georgetown looks so pretty! LOL keg parties. I've still never been to one x

PinkBow said...

i am so envious! i would love to spend some time in america.

Harriet said...

What a beautiful neighbourhood - I would never want to go home after this!

Little Lj said...

Jamie-Lee: Haha they are fun!!

Paula: It's a wonderful country, you should definitely take a trip! Next on my list is Vegas!

Harriet: It's bee-a-yoo-tiful! So picturesque.