Sunday, February 13, 2011

Birthday Pavlova

Meringu-erang!! (as in Bang-er-rang!!... Anyone? No?)

Well, it took one failed attempt (Note to self: don't add the sugar too quickly because you're in a rush.. slowly does it, or the egg whites collapse and then you tear your hair out - It's 'Not Worth It'), but I finally got there! My very first meringue! Woohoo!

 Refrain from drooling, your keyboard will thank you

Pavlova's normally strike me as a summer pudding, but I have made this one to celebrate Holly's birthday today. It was the perfect alternative to a birthday cake, as she was being whisked off this afternoon for a chocolate afternoon tea, so I thought she wouldn't want anything too heavy after gorging herself silly on scones and petit fours.

I used a Delia Smith recipe, which was very straightforward and easy to follow. As I've already mentioned, my first attempt did go completely wrong, but that is because I was worried I was overwhisking the egg whites and so tipped in the sugar way too much at a time. Start adding sugar when the peaks start to stiffen, take it a tablespoonful at a time, and whisk for 10 seconds between additions and you will be left with a sexy glossy stiff mixture. Boom ting.

Berry berry good

So I'm now absolutely knackered after a busy weekend of birthday festivities, on Friday we had dinner at Pizza East and then boogalooed til we puked at The Book Club. (Not ACTUALLY!) I might might have got a little bit boozy and may may not have been able to move until 2pm on Saturday. But this is merely rumour and has not yet been confirmed as fact. So don't believe everything you read folks!

Right time to tuck into that palava pavlova before I get overcome and start rubbing my face in it. 

Wait, what? No.. I would never do that. 



Melmo said...

ohhhh yum this looks delicious. i'd love to have this for my birthday too ;)

littledollface said...

Looks good to me. Hope Holly enjoys the bakes egg whites. x Yum!

Filipa said...

Oh that is a great option to have instead of the cake! :) It just may be my very favourite dessert of all times! I wish someone made it for me for my birthday! :P

Little Lj said...

Melmo: Haha, it really was delicious!

Helen: Yes she did - another egg-based dish off the list! xx

Filipa: It did make a nice change to chocolate cake which is what I normally make her!

Madeline Weber said...

ahhh looks SO yummy! i'm jealous


jamie-lee said...

yum what a lovely pavlova!! looks so professional :)

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

So lovely. x hivennn

Holly said...

It was super yummy! Same again next year please Lj x

Little Lj said...

Madeline: Hehe thanks!

Jamie-Lee: It was the first one I've ever done.. if I can do it anyone can!!

Jazzy E: Thank you!

Holly: Yes. I'll post it to you. xx