Monday, February 28, 2011

Paper Faces On Display

Lethal Cocktails. Deadly.

Forgive me. Normally I try and post on a Sunday. Yesterday I was unable to do this and the above photo pretty much sums up why. Dirty filthy hangover.

 On Saturday, my cousin celebrating turning 21 by holiding a super brill-pants party.

Biffday boy 

Above handsome fellow is my aforementioned 21 year old cousin. The theme of the party was a Masquerade Ball, hence the face gear. He doesn't just dress that way for fun you know. Or maybe he does. I didn't ask.

The best bit of all parties - CAKE

There was lots of yummy food, and yummy cake. And quite a lot of alcohol. 

 Yeah, don't be fooled. She's drunk as a skunk!

Seriously, a LOT of alcohol. At one point my mother (above) was even doing tequila shots. Ha! I love her.

 Also don't be fooled. I probably fell down right after this was taken.

Oh to be 21 again! I had a similar big family/friends party for my 21st, and it was so much fun. I love my family get togethers, everyone gets very very merry and laughs a lot. Sometimes we even dance. And there is a 99% chance that bacon sandwiches are served the following morning so really, life doesn't get much better.


Julie Edmonds said...

This is such a good idea for a party! I need to remember this for the next party I throw!

Very cute blog :)

Filipa said...

It's so amazing that you're so close to your family and just dance like crazy and get mad drunk and then go through hangover bacon butties together the following morning. I seriously heart it, I wish one day when I have my family we can be as close and as cool! :)

LIGH✝Sdrivemysoul said...

Looks like so much fun! Love the masks!

Little Lj said...

Julie: It was a good idea, and quite easy for people to get involved with, you could be as simple or elaborate as you wanted!

Filipa: Haha aw that's sweet - thanks! I heart it too.

Sea: Thank you! Thanks for stopping by!

PinkBow said...

i love the masquerade idea, instant glamour!

jamie-lee said...

oh god hangovers are the worst! looks like it was a fun night though ;)

She's Dressing Up said...

I love masquerade parties :)!

katerina said...

I like these masks! It's fun dressing up!

nesha said...

oh cool the masquerade theme looks awesome! i really want one of those masks.... :)

Little Lj said...

Paula: Yes, plus there's that sense of confidence you get from donning a mask. You can adopt a competely new persona cos it isn't reaaallly you!

Jame-Lee: Haha yes they are!! But you're right, it was worth it!

She's Dressing Up: Now I do too!

Katerina: Yes it is!!

Nesha: Really cheap they were too! And good for Halloween as well!