Sunday, March 06, 2011

Bread & Cakes and Time & Space

 Meringues are the new porn

It really is birthday season in my family. Last weekend my cousin had a birthday party, and this weekend it is the turn of my dad, who is 57 years young today!

I invited my parents up to foggy London town for a little birthday weekend break. My dad is really into science and astronomy so I thought it would be nice to take him to Greenwich for the day.


While we were in Greenwich we stumbled upon a Paul Rhodes bakery, which was amazing and everything a bakery should be to me! We are all massive bread and cake fans in my family, and a Paul Rhodes bakery is a real artisan treat. The smell of fresh bread hits you as soon as you walk in and there are delicate homemade cakes for as far as the eye can see.

Bake em away toys.

It's super popular and it's not hard to see why! So we snaffled some of their wares as a birthday treat, my dad went for the pecan tart, my mum for the chocolate cupcake and I came away with one of those sexy meringues. SO good.

Rental units

And boy did we need the treat! We had just walked up and down the epic hill to Greenwich Observatory. It was a really cold and blustery day, and I was complaining about the wind constantly, but actually in reterospect - I really wouldn't want to climb that hill in the height of summer. I'd be an unsightly sweaty mess, and that's never good for anyone.

Hope springs eternal

On the way up, I spied some snowdrops on the hill. I didn't see ANY snowdrops last year so got really excited about these. I'm huge flower fangirl (Top Tip: get me a bunch and I'll do anything) and I always find snowdrops such cheery l'il guys. It means SPRING IS NEAR!! Hope, light, warm is just around the corner, which is just what you need to be reminded of at this time of year. 


We spent some time wandering around the exhibits at the Observatory (all free - bargainous!) and paid a small charge to watch one of the shows at the Planetarium, which we all enjoyed, but mainly because the chairs are in a recumbant position so you can watch the ceiling. We've decided this is the way forward for cinema generally.

Greenwich has a really lovely olde worlde villagey feel to it, I'd love to go back again soon and explore the markets and perhaps also the Naval College. Maybe one for the summertime.

But most importantly for me my dad had a happy dappy birthday and that's reason enough for me to scale a mountain and scoff a meringue!


Bubalus said...

Nom Nom Nom - Chocolate brownie on the train home (you forgot that one) and Pecan Pie for pud after the roast at home.
Thank LJ for a great weekend!

Neil said...

I feel this post reflects life in general, its all about the cake! :-)

jamie-lee said...

happy birthday to your dad - sounds like you had a nice time! x

Julie {love, julie} said...

This sounds like a wonderful weekend! How nice of you to have your parents and happy birthday to your dad!

Miss Woody said...

lovely !

nesha said...

ooooh look at those muffins! they look super tasty! you're making my tummy grumble now haha!

Little Lj said...

Dad: My pleasure! xxx

Neil: Couldn't agree more!

Jamie-Lee Thank you! We did!

Julie: Thank you, it was lovely to have them visit!

Miss Woody: Thanks for stopping by!

Nesha: My meringue was yummy so I'm sure the muffins were good too!