Sunday, March 20, 2011

Birthday Drama

 To paraphrase Lady Gaga: I was born that day-heyyy

What a WEEK I'm having! I have literally been busier than several hives of bees. Not only have I been moved onto a new exciting but demanding project at work, but I've also been trying to organise moving house (stress central!), advertising for and interviewing several prospective housemates after my original to-be housemate flaked out on me (HONESTLY), organising some kind of activity to celebrate my birthday only to then have my phone stolen that night! So on top of everything else I had to deal with police reports, insurance claims and new phone contracts.


 Oh nana... what's my name?

So I had every intention of blogging last weekend about my birthday, but I think, given all of the above, its understandable why this is a week late!

Even though everything and its mother seems to have come at once (isn't it always the way?!) my birthday was (until the phone incident) a nice calm amidst the storm of activity that has become my life these days.

 Liberty oven gloves. For SHOW ONLY.

I spent a lovely day with my current (but soon to be ex - nooooo!) housemate Holly. We went to old favourite Wahaca for lunch - where they presented me with free birthday churros, complete with candle! Always a pleasure never a chore. Then, I have no idea how we made room, but we wandered over to Gelupo to sample some of their dairy delights. So scrummy.

Later on that night we had another lovely meal at The Real Greek in Hoxton before heading over to The Book Club for drinks and dancing until the wee small hours. It was all going so well until about 2.30am when I realised my phone had been taken from my bag, which put a slight dampener on what had been a brilliant day.

His name is Gerald.

But as is eventually the way with these things, everything seemed to work out in the end - an old friend confirmed he would like to become my new housemate, my phone was due an upgrade anyway before it got stolen so I walked away with a brand new one the very next day (and as it was iPhone to iPhone I lost NO data whatsoever - SCORE!) and I had lots of gorgeous presents to cheer me up from the stress and strife!

Hummingbird and Magnolia books, pretty glassware, exquisite oven gloves and a new stuffed animal friend were amongst my haul this year - I am a very lucky girl!

So basically the moral of this story is, that when the shit hits the fan - it's nothing good friends, good food and a stuffed owl can't remedy.


Natalie Charlotte Turner said...

Oh! Well i hope you had a nice bday!! :)
Moving is hard but once its done its done! :D

Julie {love, julie} said...

This seems like such a long week, but I'm glad it worked out! I love the birthday card in the picture, so cute!

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

awh so lovely. x hivennn p.s enter my giveaway?

PinkBow said...

i like it - liberty oven gloves for show only. far too pretty to be used!