Sunday, September 30, 2007


Sooo! I realise I don't update as often as some people would like!  Life out here is so busy, I work all day, I play all night, I don't got a lot of time, but I'm really trying to make time for this.

I especially wanted to blog about today simply because it was such a nice one.  I have so many photos, but I haven't managed to find a way to upload them without owning a computer yet.  I think I'm gonna ask one of my housemates if they mind me doing it on theirs until I have my own, hopefully they wont mind!

Well firstly, this week in general, work has been great, I'm really busy but in a good way, I think my bosses are pleased with what I'm doing, and Julie (one of them) said that she wants me to be able to go home next year not putting 'project assistant' on my CV, but that I'll have learnt and done so much that i can put 'project coordinator' so that's cool.  I went out to lunch with Julie and Pat (my other boss) on Friday to another really nice restaurant, Italian this time.

Also, we had our first lecture on Tuesday, on the American Constitution, cos we're doing the history module at the moment, I found it very interesting!  I think I'm going to enjoy this part.  I haven't done an awful lot more as I was very poor, but it was nice to have a few days chilling in the apartment.  Loads of new series of stuff as started this week on TV, the new Heroes, the new Ugly Betty, the new America's Next Top Model, the new Desperate Housewives is tomorrow, so I'm gonna be all clued up before anyone at home!  Even though I haven't done a lot as well, it's nice just walking from the PATH station to work and back.  I love just walking in New York in general, and there's so many different areas, each one has it's own atmosphere and vibe and there's always something to take your breath away.  I feel so inspired by this city, more than I have ever felt anywhere else.  At the risk of sounding incredibly cheeseXcore(!) I feel like I really 'get' New York, and more importantly, that it really 'gets' me too.  I feel like I'm really alive here.

On Friday we all got our first paycheck so everyone was in the mood for a bit of a celebration!  We headed out to a bar downtown called Madame X.  It sounds filthy but really it was just a regular bar, with a really nice little beer garden with fairy lights!  Then we moved on to a dive type bar for a few more cheap drinks called The Peculiar Pub... and then some of us ended up at this house club, it was a pretty cool night and very funny at times!

Today is what I really want to talk about tho.  I woke up feeling a little hungover but not hugely.  And it was such a gorgeous day so after lunch me and my friends, Zoe, Julia, Jenny, Russell and Tom took a fun trip to Central Park.  We had the idea that we were gonna hire some bikes and cycle round, but when we got there at about 3.30 they only had two left.  So instead we decided to go to the lake and hire two boats out.  It was so fun, I had a boat with Russell and Tom, and they took it in turns rowing at first cos I'd never done it before and so I was on camera duty.  But then I decided I wanted a go and I turned out to be better than both of them!  FYI, Central Park is the best thing ever!  It's crazy, there's all this city and then suddenly it stops and your totally at peace in this amazing nature playground.  I don't know what I was expecting, like some kind of really big field with a few fountains I guess, but it's amazing!  It's like really hilly and rocky and grassy and lots and lots of trees, and ponds and lakes and horses and cyclists and taxi cabs and merry-go-rounds and the paths all go over and under each other.  It's just so so pretty as well.

After that we walked back onto 7th and got coffee and cheesecake at a deli... the hugest slices ever!  Then we went back home and decided to go to see our first American movie.  One bad thing about America, and pretty much the first really bad thing I've been disappointed with (the second one being supermarket food), was the fact that they don't do sweet popcorn in movie theatres.  It's butter or nothing and then there's a squirty pump that lets you pour what is supposedly butter sauce but is really just this oily gloop all over your already shit popcorn.  Yuck.  Luckily the film we went to see was AMAZE, I actually cried at one point I was laughing so hard. it was 'SuperBad' and I know a lot of people at home have probably seen it already because I think its been out for a while, but for some reason it must've totally passed me by.  Anyway, if you haven't seen it, see it - it's SO FUNNY if you like that kind of stupid comedy.  And I do.  I am McLovin.

Sooo, I am really beat from writing this... its like 1.30 in the am... I think we're gonna try and get to a beach tomorrow on long island, but we'll see what time we get up!

ACTUAL LOVE (often mistaken for arthritis... don't ask) to everyone at home, love love xxxx


holly said...

cheese????? cake????? sounds like you had a super good time at central park, keep the updates coming xxx

Alan said...

Is that parklife or Parkerlife?

Daddio said...


Out for a meal again!

If you want a little bit of meat and then some, I found the name of the Brazilian BBQ restaurant I went to last time I was out there - Churrascaria Plataforma at 315 W 49th Street (between 8th & 9th) - check it out when you have a large group and don't have a big starter.

I know what you mean by feeling alive, its just such a vibrant city.

Looking forward to seeing you pics.

You're always in our thoughts

Dan said...

Im further than you in heroes :P