Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hey there Delilah, what's it like in New York City?

Well.. so... what IS it like in New York City I hear you cry?

Well, at the risk of offending everyone at home... it's just amazing.  I've fallen so hard for this city already... maybe I am in the heady first stages of romance when everything seems fantastic and I've yet to discover it's bad habits... but I'm loving it!

Since I last blogged... on Tuesday, which was of course an important day for New York, being the anniversary of 9/11... after our last day of orientation, me and a couple of other friends of mine decided to make our first attempt at navigating the subway downtown to visit ground zero. I thought it was important that we go... but it was difficult... there were many people there who were obviously and understandably very upset... grown men in tears and such... but there were a lot of other people there taking pictures and stuff, and I kind of felt a bit a like a fraud... a tourist of their grief.  I hope that this time next year, I feel more a part of the occasion and that I have more of a right to go there to pay my respects.

the next day, I had my first day at actual work.  I'm working on Lexington Avenue, which is on the east side, in mid-town.  The intern that I'm replacing, Anna, came to pick me up from the hotel where I'm staying and walked me there.  My job sounds very exciting.  There is a lot of jargon that I haven't got my head round yet... but the actual practical stuff I will be doing: coordinating meetings, writing important documents, and such... it all sounds great and as though I will be given a lot of responsibility, so it's all good.

Anna has been great... it was her last day today and my boss Julie took me and her out to lunch at a very swish restaurant... all paid for! It was a North Western American cuisine restaurant called Wild Salmon: like Alaskan type food... all fresh fish, but totally yummy! Julie is really really nice as well, she made us have wine, so she's the kind of boss I can get on with!

Later on this afternoon, we had like a departmental "party" to say goodbye to Anna and hello to me.  Julie had gone and got cheesecake from this bakery... again yummy.

Just a little side note about food.  It's true what they say... portions are HEAUGE here!  And for very reasonable prices.  I end up eating loads for lunch, and thinking, OK I'll only order something small like a starter for dinner (we're staying in a hotel at the mo so it's all eating out) but the starters are mahoosive too!!  I'm gonna have to clock in some serious gym hours unless I want to come home the size of the Empire State Building.

Oh oh... I also got my "cell" yesterday, and then saw a giant m&m walking down the "sidewalk".

Now there's a sentence I never thought I'd say.  I'm so New York right now... haha!

P.S. Loving the comments guys... keep it coming

P.P.S I will get a laptop asap, and then I can get on the Internet more often and get photos up and stuff..

P.P.P.S. No matter how much I love NY... Times Square can't shine as bright as you guys at home... miss you all xxxx


Daddio said...

You never said you had wine at lunchtime when you were on the phone last night - and THEN you saw a giant M&M walking down the street. Exactly mhow much wine did you have?

holly said...

wined and dined on your first day eh? not too shabby at all. glad to hear you re getting a laptop soon, then we can converse over skype. i miss your little voice, it only dawned on me yesterday that you d actually gone and werent coming back...a bit slow on the uptake i know but it didnt seem real before. muchos love

Nanny Joan said...

I'm Pissed at the moment

How are You?

What are you up to?

I don't understand this!

daddy is sending this and its all iesw , im quite sober i send you all our love========d annd he is telling fibs, gran