Monday, September 24, 2007

My first proper weekend in the city

Hi guys, I know I know, I don't update very often yada yada yada... I can't do it at work, and the t'interweb is not working at our apartment at the moment... so I don't have a lot of a chance to do so!

So, my apartment.  Well, it was a bit of a state when we moved in last Sunday, but we've cleaned it up a treat now and it's looking good... no cockroaches yet!!  My roommates are really nice, and clean which is good!

This weekend was really cool, I took the Staten Island ferry to see the Statue of Liberty which was very exciting, I took a lot of pictures.  Then we went for a wander through Battery Park.  I got a bit freaked out by the fake Statue of Liberty people.  They are just people dressed up as the Statue of Liberty and you can have your picture taken with them, but mostly they are just weird!  Also there, was a cool water feature that I ran through cos it was so hot... and on a more serious note, there was a memorial for 9/11, a sculpture that used to be in the WTC has been placed there as a memorial, you can see where it was damaged in the attack... its quite sad.  Also a pigeon had pooed all on it which mad me even sadder.  Those pesky pigeons.

Then we took the subway up to Union Square which is really cool lots of nice shops.  And I bought some brand new ghd's to replace my poor old broken ones.  They work in both the US and the UK, so all is good. Then that evening it was some Mountbatten's birthday called Ashley and he'd got us all on the guest list for this club called Hiro. It was really cool because it was the place where they filmed the main fight sequence in Kill Bill.  Awesome.

On Sunday I just stayed around Newport NJ, which is where I live.  It was a mega mega mega hot day (as it has been today), so I went and had lunch with some friends, and then we checked out the local mall, which is MASSIVE, and then sat by the harbour for about half an hour, its really very nice, with a good view of downtown Manhattan.

Now, moving on to the subject of back at home... I didn't understand a word of Nanny Joan's comment, but I did gather that she was drunk... I think I take after her because I have drunk soooo much this week ha ha ha. Especially on Thursday night, because it was happy hour, $3 wine between 7 and 8.  Bonus!  I think it will all die down a bit from here on in as people get more settled into work and stuff.  And also because everyone has run out of money!  Pay day on Friday, yay!

Hope everyone is good, I have to run now cos I have no time left on this computer.

Miss you all xxxxxx


MattBruvs said...

I see new york is rubbing off on you already with the yadda yadda yadda, lol (i'm sure you'll see a lot of Seinfeld out there, then you'll know what i'm talking about). Mighty jealous of actual kill bill shooting location, go and see Death Proof (or even Grindhouse) if you can out there and btw, get the new Foos album NOW.

Daddio said...


Yes Nanny was trying to understand the difference between the email systems and blogging after our Saturday night meal with all the family (16 of us this w/e). I was showing her on the laptop and she insisted on typing a comment in! But according to Nanny - It's my fault.

Nice to see your getting around, keep enjoying yourself we are all so jealous!!!