Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Beginnings

Cutie Booties.

I don't know why, but September, and the beginning of autumn has always felt a lot more like the beginning of the year to me than January. Maybe they are feelings that have hung over from the days when it meant the beginning of the academic year. The last days of summer always feel like the end of something bigger than just a season, and often lead me down the path of taking stock of what I have accomplished in the last 12 months (job/life in London town; growing my awesome hair) and what I want to achieve in the near future (to master fair-isle knitting; go to Australia; find the perfect pair of boots).

Who knows, but this weekend, the weather turned a distinctly crisper, milder corner and I took that as a sign to pack away all my summer clothes for another year and dig out all my warm jumpers, coats, scarves, hats and gloves. Autumn is here, and I'm ready.

For the stylish bambino on the nursery block.

I guess it's fitting that this weekend when I have been preparing for the new season/year ahead that I also finished knitting booties for a brand new person setting out on their first ever year in this life. These are for a beautiful baby girl, daughter of a friend at work, and I have very much enjoyed making them.

Unlike socks, (which can drive me up the WALL, and often lead to me lamenting the fact that people are born with not one, but two feet), booties are a lot quicker to make, and so I don't get that familiar dread on finishing the first sock ('You mean, I have to do that AGAIN?!'). It's still enough of a novelty to get me to persevere.

Pretty cute detailing on the cuff. Frilly.

The pattern for for these was also varied enough to add interest over the course of knitting the booties, with lacework on the cuff, and front, and ribbing down the leg.

So, anyone who knows me and is planning on spawning either now, or in the far distant future: take a good look. All your kids will be getting these.

If you're going to start your first year, it really should be in style, no?

Knitty Gritty:
Pattern: Baby's Bootikin from Knitting Vintage Socks, Nancy Bush
Yarn: One skein each of 2 colours of fingering-weight yarn
Needles: Set of 4 1.75mm dpns


Dooder City said...

I really want to learn how to knit...these are amazing.

Helen said...

I want some booties - do they do adult sizes? x

dapper kid said...

Aww they are so cute! And I totally know what you mean, Autumn is the New Year for me. It is the start of something special :) Hope you're having a beautiful day dear.

dapper kid said...

Hope you're having a wonderful week :)

Soren Lorensen said...


this is the coolest knitting I've ever seen and TRUST me, I have seen......

hardly any knitting. It's a dying art.

jules said...

So cute, and fall has always seemed like a beginning to me as well, it goes with the weather change, january is just more of the same.

PinkBow said...

gorgeous booties! i agree with you on autumn being the start of the year. i have this roberts radio in blue!

Little Lj said...

Dooder City: Thank you, they are surprisingly easy! Promise!

Helen: Haha, I wish! Thanks for the comment

Dapper Kid: Thank you, they are super cute!

Soren Lorenson: Knitting is back y'all! All the cool kids are doing it!

Jules: I agree, I think it does have a lot to do with the weather change

Pink Bow: I love my radio!