Sunday, August 30, 2009

Family Affair

Boscanova Cafe

Earlier this summer, I got out of the city and went to stay with my family for a couple of weeks in Bournemouth. I had a lovely time hanging out with them and catching up. Now that I live away from home I don't get a chance to do that for such a length of time anymore and I miss it.

On my last day, we went for a family lunch at Boscanova Cafe. If you're ever in the area, check it out. It does really good brunch. Trust. Get the pancakes.

The house chili.. and I haven't just ruined that shot by tucking in... not in the slightest..

What I like about Boscanova, is that it's one of the few (oh so few) really good independant eateries in Bournemouth. Everything is made fresh, with mostly, feel-good, healthy ingredients. This time I got the special, which was the house chili. It was delicious.

Bro-fo, coke float.

Although, if you're anything like my brother, you'll choose a coke float. Some things, by their very nature are not made with feel-good, healthy ingredients.

But if they were, I don't think they'd taste quite as awesome, no? And why say no to a little bit of awesomeness in your life?

Cappuccino-a-go-go - I love how the chocolate flecks reflect the speckled wood. Er. Well done me.

I, being the caffeine, Starbucks-obsessed girl that I am, had to have a cappuccino. Which came in a decent sized mug. That is also, quite a little bit of awesome.


Er, irrelevant, but:

P.S. Download Calvin Harris' new album. Do it now. You'll never regret it. Er, also irrelevant but, I just want to give him a nice big cuddle.


PinkBow said...

oohh, i have ch's last album - is this as good?

(thanks for your comment on my dk entry, really looking forward to seeing what you're doing on it - are you feeling the pressure? i did!)

Bubalus said...

Mmmmm Boscanova

dapper kid said...

Coke floats ftw! Haha, I seriously love them. And yay for family times :) Hope you're having a beautiful day dear.

simon n josh said...

you make me so hungry! Yummy stuff!

Frank&Rémy said...

I dont care, tht houes chili looks DELICIOUS!!

But im not so sure about the coke float haha :D

Tansy'sKitchen said...

hey- i am so so glad you liked the food at Boscanov- i am the chef and i write the menus
I lived a big chunk of my life in Toronto which is why we have great pancakes at Boscanova - They have great Brunch in Toronto - New York is an amazing place though especiallf for food - don't blame you for missing it-
Just about to start the Boscanova winter menu
any suggestions?

Little Lj said...

PinkBow: Yes, yes it is! And yes, yes I am. I reeeally need to get a move on with it. Things have been way hectic this summer but I'm hoping I'll be able to pass it on soon!

Dad: My sentiments exactly

Dapper Kid: Thank you! You would get along with my bro... he loves them a little too much.

Simon n Josh: Thanks!

Frank & Remy: It was delicious!

Tansy's Kitchen: Wowee! I can't believe you found my review. The power of the interweb never ceases to amaze me! Your pancakes have all the hallmarks of someone who has spent time in North America, so it doesn't suprise me you lived in Toronto!! They are yummy, my favourites! I really like the seasonal food you include on the Boscanova menus, I think for winter I'd like to see lots of stews, soups, casserole type stuff. Hearty, warming food!

captainawesome said...

sis i don't just love coke floats. i dream about them when i'm not having them. :D