Sunday, September 09, 2007

Baggage allowance, schmaggage allowance

D'accord, It's half past two in the morning.  I'm leaving at 10am tomorrow to get my flight.  I've just finished packing.  And therefore only just stopped singing, 'PACK THAT all on the floor... PACK THAT give me some more... PACK THAT til you get sore... PACK THAT whoooooaaaa' because I really am a comedy genius.  It's been fucking knackering hahaha.

This week has been so emo it's unreal... I'm going to miss everyone so much.  I've cried far too many times for my liking!!  I had my leaving party last night and, apart from drunkenly physically assaulting Toby, it was fun!  I would upload the photos here but I've put them up on facebook instead because I'm just too damn tired to do it here.  So check it out if you are cool enough to belong to such a social networking site!

Hopefully the next time I post on here I will actually be in NEW YORK... so things will get a lot more exciting... keep reading to find out what my housemates are like and my job and general adventure type stuff too...

Oh and just to let you know, PLEASE comment on here so I know it's being read, it's nice to know I'm not talking to a brick wall... you have register for a googlemail account but its really not all that hard.. do it.

OK, I'm actually typing and my head is getting lower and lower... I'm really just pretty much dribbling on the keyboard right now so I think I should go and get some sleeeeep...

Thanks for everyone who came and made the effort to see me or get in touch with me before I left... it meant a whole bunch, and I love you all very much



holly said...

hello!!! here you are my dear a comment for your bloggy wog, i have finally created some sort of account. so you've been orienteering eh? one of your fave things! So you move into your homestead on sunday - exciting! Not much news here in Blighty. Keep keeping us up to date. Muchos love xxx oh and remember to look out for old russ, hehe

Mahdi said...

Hello! Just found your blog, I'm another Mountbatten hopeful - I think recording your experiences for posterity was really cool!! So you don't have 'all those moments... lost... in time... like tears... in rain...' WIll be reading your New York stuff - cheers!