Monday, April 07, 2008

DC and the Cherry Blossom

So you may have noticed here, here, and here... I've been playing catch-up. So now you know the full story of When Holly Came To Stay.

Moving on to things I've been up to more recently.  I'm going to start from last weekend.  Last weekend I took a trip on the bus to Washington D.C, with my good friends Isabel, Hannah and Chris.

This was because it was the annual Cherry Blossom Festival. There's not a lot I can say about the beautiful blossom that we saw on the Saturday that does it justice, so all I will say is LOOKIT LOOKIT!!!:

As well as 'OOHHHH' and 'AHHHH'-ing over the blossom (which by the way, is only this amazing for one weekend a year) we also visited all the memorials and monuments.

First there was the Lincoln Memorial.  Look at me, I have actual love for that Lincoln in his big old marble chair whereas Hannah has actual disdain for me:

Directly opposite the Lincoln Memorial is the Washington Monument:

And by the side of that there pond (oh ok, "tidal basin") is the Roosevelt Memorial.  The Roosevelt Memorial is more like a walk/garden, each section commemorating a different part of his time in office.  My favorite part was the bit with a brass statue of his dog.  I think I have severe withdrawal symptoms from my dogs... I don't know, you decide:



Ummm... aaaanyway.. moving on from my insanity, (all I can say is Hannah, I'm so very very sorry).  The next on the list was the Jefferson Memorial, which we reached as the sun was setting:


And so, the next day, all that was left for us to do, was to go and visit some house.  I mean, apparently some guy lives there who runs the country, I don't know, I was still half asleep.

I was alarmed that there was a sniper on the roof tho! I shiz you not. It was quite funny.  Well it must have been, because in the next photo I appear to be in hysterics:

The last amazing thing we saw was the Capitol building, which was equally white and equally inspiring.  

For those who don't know, the Capitol is where all the American legislation gets thunked up. 

It was so nice to get out of the city, DC is so different to New York.  There seems to be a lot more space, and you get a real sense of history and power and integrity.  It's majestic in it's way.  Being a big fan of flowers in general, going during "peak bloom" weekend was super amazing.  One things for sure, I think spring has sprung:

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