Sunday, April 13, 2008

Orchids in Bloom

Last weekend, for the purposes of finding something blog-worthy to write about, I travelled afar.  By afar I mean, OUT OF Manhattan.  This almost never happens.  On this occasion, it was particularly scary, because we went here:

Map of The Bronx. Picture was necessary to avoid getting out 'GUIDE TO NEW YORK' tourist book size of Empire State Building and thus advertise ourselves as prospective mugging targets

Yes, that's right my friends... I was on my way to The Bronx.  Yes, as in home of Jennifer Lopez, and the Yankee Stadium.

Why, why the Bronx? I hear you cry.  WELL. Because it just so happens to also be the home of the New York Botanical Gardens.  And as it was the first day of the year thus far when a coat appeared to be surplus to requirements, I wanted to go and see the pretty flowers!

One I got there, I headed to the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory.  And it was such a beautiful day:

Hey there Mr Blue, we're so pleased to be with you

The conservatory was a lovely building, but the best thing was it housed, possibly the most delightful experience of my life... an Orchid Show! Behold as I present to you a selection of my favourite blooms:

LOVE the purple against the red!

Orchids are so exquisitely intracate..

...and delicate.  I should have put my finger in this photo to show scale.  My fingernail is the same size as these little pretties.

Gosh, the drama!

These orchids were hanging from boughs of greenery above.  Coupled with the dappled sunlight and the tranquil fountain.. so lovely

But it wasn't all about the orchids, other flowers were available. Like this waterlily.

And this wee little thing. All alone in the one spot of sunlight one of the cooler sections of the conservatory.

I love the verdant greenery of this bank of plants.

This flower reminded me of "Painting the Roses Red". Plus, it smelt like heaven.

This plant could be found in the desert section.  So many crazy crazy anthropomorphized cacti.  And amongst them all, this gem.

And this too.

The NYBG is huge, but when I was there, there was not a lot else in bloom outside of the conservatory as I think I visited too early in the season.  However the orchid show was blooming marvellous.


Moominmothership said...

Love all the pretty orchids and the cherry blossom in dc. Wish I could see it! I think flower with heavenly smell is gardenia. I had one in bathroom last year and I've just bought another for this yr. They die in winter tho cos house gets too cold for them, they like lots of light, heat and steamy if poss.(humidity).

Little Lj said...

Mum: Yes that room with the gardenia in was very very hot, so I think that's what it must be! All the flowers were super lovely

Little Lj said...
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