Monday, April 28, 2008

Li'l help?

Little bread-and-butterflies kiss the tulips, in City Hall Park

Hi. No, hi there! Hello!! HELLO??!?!

Oh good, you turned around. Yes, well, just a brief message before we start. I really enjoy New York.  Things are very fun, and there is always something to do.  And usually when I am doing these things, always always always, there is a part of me that is thinking 'You remembered your camera? CHECK!... OK, now take some photos to blog about so you can show everyone back home, and anyone else who might be interested'.  I mean, that is, after all, why I started doing this thing in the first place. 

And you know, I work full-time and all, and I study part-time, AND I'm trying to take part in blog-worthy activities, aaaand blog about them at the same time.  This, friends, is what takes up my whole life.  Now, it has occurred to me recently that I have been blogging away, letting everyone know about stuff in NY, and that I'm not dead, and maybe even give people ideas on stuff they would like to do if ever they were to come and visit... and I KNOW that people read this blog, because they tell me, and that's great!

But you know what would be greater? 

Well, it's a little thing called a comment.  Doesn't take up too much time, a little click of the comment button on the bottom of a post and a few words.  It provides a much-needed affirmation that you enjoy what I'm doing here.  Something like 'Great photos Lj!' or 'That looked like fun!' or 'I've been there'.  Comments can even be negative like 'NOONECARES!' or 'You're noooo funny... stop trying to be'. Comments CAN EVEN be completely unrelated to the post subject matter - 'LJ did you steal my socks and take them to New York!?!??!' (and no, I didn't.  Well, possibly Rachel's but, she lent them to me such a long time ago, that they are pretty much just mine now... right??).

THE POINT IS. Comments rule. Comments are the best. Comments tell me that you exist, and that you care enough to create a dialogue about my adoptive city, and that you may even care what I'm up to.  Most of all, comments are the reward for all the hard work I've put into documenting my time here. And lately, they have been non-existent. Which makes you guys bad people... I mean, Dad, come on, even you stopped... what happened?! Did I offend you? Did you wake up one day and think, well, she went to New York without me, I hereby disown her as a daughter??? 

So people, I make sure I make the time to blog, so, if you have time to read the blog, you have time to comment. Simple as. 

And I love you all.


So. I say New York, you guys think... Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Home Alone 2, Statue of Liberty... etc etc.  Well you would be very right.  But what you guys are thinking of is Manhattan.  New York is so much more.  

One of the next best places in New York, apart from Manhattan, is Brooklyn.

This weekend, I went for a walk, across Brooklyn Bridge, to Brooklyn Heights.  Here, there is a promenade that runs alongside the East River on the Lower West edge of Brooklyn.  

From here, there are the most amazing views of the city skyline..

Brooklyn Bridge/Empire State Building

The blossom was out, the people were strolling (and blading in some cases), there were even a few kids jumping rope.


And then there was me, with my iPod...

*must.. resist.. urge... to... sing... out... loud...*

...enjoying the view.

If you can make it there, you'll make it anywhere


Faith said...

hey there! I'm not exactly sure how I found your blog but I love it! As a lifelong NYer I never get to see half the places you do. :-)

Little Lj said...

Faith: Hi!! A reader that's not a member of my immediate family.. how exciting! I'm so glad you came forward and commented, and I am even more glad you enjoy my blog! Where in NY are you from, up-state? Keep dropping by! :oD


Daddio said...

Guilty as charged!

I've disowned you!

No, wait - finger trouble there, I've been reading and really enjoying your blog and envious of you in NY.

How could I ever disown the daughter that's going to look after me in my old age? (Next year OK?)

Its just that recently I have not had the inet at my hotel in Dublin (which is where I normally leave my comments) but today it's working, Yippee!

Be sure that at least I am reading your blog and I tell Mum all about what's in it to try and make her visit more often, but you know what she's like.

We went to Jan's 50th on Saturday - I'm going to post some piccys on facebook. Forties theme, jitterbugging and big band sounds it was brill.
Lots of love ALWAYS!!!!
D xxxxxxxxxxx

Moominmothership said...

I'm sorry we haven't been commenting. I have commented on last three posts now so there!YOu mustn't stop blogging its so lovely to see all yr seeing and I will always comment when I'm on in future...its a great blog, so don't be downhearted if people 4get to comment, their busy looking at the next instalment!!Love and miss you loads sweepea girl,big hugs and kisses mum xxxxxxxxxxx

Little Lj said...

Dad: HAHA! I actually rang mum yesterday to hear about Jan's 50th and she explained about your internet situation... I was like 'OHHHHH that explains EVERYTHING!' I also saw your pictures on facebookywook... it looked like a lot of fun, but as I said to mum, why didn't you guys dress up!?! shame on you!!

Mum: You make me smile so much with your comments!! So now that you know how to do it, please keep on doing it!! Plllleeeeaase!! I miss you a lot a lot too... love you massive ones!! xxx

Cheryl said...

Hey Lj!! I love your blog and always read it. Your photos are awesome too and make me really want to go to New York! Sorry I haven't commented before! xxx

Little Lj said...

Cheryl: Cheryl, as in, cheryl cheryl right?? as in, i-actually-know-you cheryl? YAY! I had no idea you read my blog.. I'm glad you've been enjoying it!! Keep commenting, it makes me happy! Hope you're ok.. xx

sarah said...

NY hopeful!

LJ I have read your blog about NY and loved it. I too have a passion for the city and I am hoping to go for a YEAR starting in sept 2010 if I get on to the MB scheme....any more info on MB in general would be so helpful.
like, erm, sharing a room with 2 other ppl, how does that work!!