Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Giggedy Giggedy

Cooling off before Death Cab

You know, you wait bloody ages for a bus right, and then what happens? Three come along at once.

Well that's pretty much what this week has been like, except instead of buses, it has been gigs. Or giggedy giggedy's as I have taken to calling them. I might stop that. I get some funny looks.

This week, I went to not ONE, not TWO, but THREE, amazing shows.

First up was Tuesday whereby I went to Brooklyn to see Death Cab for Cutie at a great NYC venue, McCarren Park Pool.  It's this disused pool, used for shows and other fun stuff such as free cinema screenings and shiz. If there is a better idea of what to do with a disused pool in this world, then I certainly haven't heard of it. 


Isn't it cool? It has a great vibe, and also, as we were waiting for Death Cab, as it was outdoors, you got to see the sunset. Which is always one of my favorite things to do. It reminded of me of being at a festival. Super fun times in other words. Highlights of the gig for me have to be when they did Soul Meets Body, and Follow You Into The Dark. Sent.Shivers.Up.My.Spine. Really.

McCarren Park sunset = Better than you.

So the gig was going well and stuff and ting, but then.. THEN! The weather took an alarming and abrupt turn for the worse. In short, a mother of a T-storm was heading our way. And as we were outside, and the wind was picking up and the rigs that the lights were on were swaying alarmingly, the gig had to stop about 15 mins before the end. Shame.

But I did get to watch an AWESOME electrical storm over Manhattan. No pictures of that, because a) I have no tripod and b) it was raining so hard, and there was no frigging way I was getting out my camera for what would have been poor excuses for pictures at best.

Next up, was the very NEXT DAY. I went to see The Kooks at Terminal 5.

First of all, before I get into it all, have I ever told you guys, that I love you BIG TIME?!?!?! No? Well here:

I made this for you, because I love you BIG TIME. BIG.

Now you'd best appreciate that, because it was harder to do than it looks. TRUST.

And also, now that I've got that off my chest, I have officially done my good deed for one post, and can now spend the next 10 minutes going on about the thing that has been mostly on my mind since I saw The Kooks.

Would do anything for...

And that's not an exaggeration. Seriously, LOOK AT HIM!!:

Literally. My ovaries just skipped a beat. DID I JUST SAY THAT?!?!

Ok, maybe you can't see from that picture, but it was the best I could do when I was having serious hyperventilating issues from being so close to him. HE WAS WEARING A HAIR BAND FOR PETE'S SAKE!!

And for those who think he's not all that, you don't understand! You weren't there. That guy has serious charisma and sexy gee-tar skillz. And can rock a hairband without looking at all gay. Which is no mean feat. I don't think I can even do that, and I'm a GIRL!

Even his silhouette is TEH SEX!

I could actually just eat him. Swallow him whole... WHO AM I!?!

Aren't you crazy kids glad I pre-empted this disgusting display of obsession and admiration for a man I've never met with that lovely 'trip-the-hearts-fantastic' picture!? Yes, I thought so

And now we shall never speak of this again.

And FINALLY! The last giggedy giggedy (It'll catch on I tell you) of the week was The Fratellis on Friday at Webster Hall.

Webster Hall is a great venue, and I had lots of fun playing with my camera there before the band came on.  I think it was an old theater or something. Anyway, it's a lovely old building and reminded me of the ghost house at Disney. Therefore I played with the shutter speed on my camera, to make all the people look like ghosts. 

My friend Chris is on the left in red. And a ghost. Apparently.

And then The Fratellis came on and blew all the cobwebs and ghosts away with their cheeky Scottish faces. Oh and they sang songs too.


Daddio said...

And how do you pronounce your new word?

Gigged - y
Gigg - edy
Gig - gedy
Gigg - ed - y

Little Lj said...

Dad: You need to either
a) Talk to Dan or
b) Watch Family Guy.. watch out for a guy named Quagmire

Anonymous said...

Haha, love your comment to your dad. I'm so jealous you got to see Deathcab, plus its looks like anamazing setting for a gig. Oh and Luke the Kook, he is hot stuff indeed. Holwon x

Little Lj said...

Holly: Better late than never on the old commentage!! HA! Yeah, and the best part is, I spoke to Dan the next day, and he was like.. 'Why is Dad asking me what "Giggedy Giggedy" means?' PAH! Oh Daddio!