Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Where Dreams Come True

Wait a cotton-picking second... somethings not right...

Ah yes, New York, where dreams come true. I have to say, when I moved here, I came full of hope, aspirations and dr... 

Wait, I moved to NY right?? Is that me, or is that the Golden Gate bridge?

Huh. I'm sure New York was less hilly...

HOLD UP!!! Wait, there's something going on here, and I'll be a damn fool if I don't figure it out..

[insert bom-bom bom-bom-bom bom-pa-bom-pa bom-bom-bom here]

Oh YEAH!! Hot damn, I forgot. I haven't been in the NYC at ALLL!! For last weekend, I did in fact get on a wee l'il airplane, all the way to Flo-Rida... to have, what I can now safely say was possibly the BEST weekend of my 23 years on this planet. 

I went to, of course, WALT DISNEY WORLD. Not 'land' my friend, no no... THE WORLD. THE WORLD OF DISNEY. WALT DISNEY WORLD.

I had only ever been to the one in Paris before, and let me say, it just can't compare.  The rides are bigger, the characters are American like they are supposed to be, the staff are happier, the weather is better, and dreams actually COME TRUE.

Don't believe me? Well, here, behold! (Just look will you!)

Exhibit A:

It's a Mickey Mouse.. in firework form!!

Yes, this is a photo of the Wishes fireworks. Clear as a bell. I never take good pictures of fireworks.. and would you look at that. My dream came true.

Exhibit B:

He's blinking.. not asleep

I met my hero, Mr Potato Head.. But not ONLY that!!
Now, anyone who can even claim to know me as a friend for any length of time, must SURELY KNOW.. that my favorite Pixar film is Toy Story. AND MY FAVORITE LINE from said film is when Mr Tete de Pomme de Terre (no, I don't know why he's French now) says 'What are you looking at you Hockey Puck?!'
Well, when I met PotatoHead.. THAT is EXACTLY what he said to me!!! I kid you not! And he even went, 'You in the white..' and I was indeed wearing white.  
And LO! Another dream came true.

Exhibit C:

"Niagara Falls" in "Canada"

Anyone else who knows me, knows that I have always wanted to go to Canada, and to see Niagara Falls.  Well, I dreamt of this, and well wouldn't you know, Disney went and delivered.  There, in Canada, in Epcot, was my very own Niagara Falls.

I trust you are now convinced...

So, we only had three days in this world of wonders and dreams, so we planned our trip with something akin to military precision.  A colleague of mine at work had pointed us in the direction of a wonderful wonderful book called The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World which basically told us everything we could have possibly needed to know and more besides.  The best thing about this book though, was that it gave you a range of customizable touring plans in order to make the most of your time there.  For four young adults who had three (well, two and a half) full days there, we wanted to be able to do all the major rides and attractions in our three chosen parks (one for each day) with the minimum amount of time in line.  This book MADE THIS HAPPEN.  It worked like clockwork. In short: GET THIS BOOK if you want to make the most of your time there!

The sad thing about only having three days there, meant that our schedule was very tight, and left very little time to appreciate the exemplary attention to detail that was the Disney experience.  Everywhere you looked was a Kodak moment.  From the top of the Cinderella tower, to the wait in line.. there was something to marvel at, something to chuckle at, a character to wave at, a song to hum along to... there was just always simply something to make you smile. 

I saw a peanut stand, heard a rubber band
I saw a needle that winked his eye
But I think I will have seen everything
When I see an elephant fly

And... don't you worry Dumbo... I'll be back.


Daddio said...

I resign - I had made your dreams come true (as much as possible)until now, but I now hand you over to dear old Walt!

Moominmothership said...

I love little Dumbo's statue, sooo cute, can't wait to meet him myself!! Anymore piccies??

Little Lj said...

Dad: I don't think you get to resign... I have a feeling your position is one whereby the contract cannot be rescinded. I'll look into it though!

Moomin: There were so many things I was like 'MUM WOULD LOVE THIS!!' We have to gooo!!! The rest of the pictures are here