Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Tale of a Sanguine Sunday and the Chelsea Cupcakes

Once upon a time, a terribly beautiful, yet unusually tall girl was working hard at her job in a far away land.  This girl enjoyed her job, but it had been a long week, and she was growing tired of the constant teasing from her co-workers, which, whilst she understood was light-hearted, could get annoying.  One be-spectacled coworker, who went by the name of Amel, was particularly distracting with his non-work-related talk of some guy called "Perez Hilton".  

The girl sighed and stared out the window.  Or she would have stared out the window if she sat by one. 

Her thoughts turned, as they often did, to the weekends.  Her mind wondered what it would be like to spend a day doing as many of her favourite things as possible.  She wondered what these would be..

Well, clearly, the first thing would be to go to the movies.  This was one of her bestest things to do. What to see, what to see?? She knew there was a movie out that she had been meaning to see for quite some time, but never got round to it.  She would go and see that.  She would see Sweeney Todd.  She would sit and watch it at the Clearview Chelsea cinema on 23rd, where the seats are big and comfy, and she could walk past the Chelsea Hotel and dream of when Russell Brand stayed there.  

*ahem* She would watch the movie, and it would be the best Johnny Depp film she's seen in a while.  She would be glad that he finished with that Pirates nonsense.  She would be happy that he is back to doing what he does best... deliciously ghoulish Tim Burton movies.  She would marvel at the singing, be shocked at the first disgusting moment when the razor cuts into a juicy throat and become enthralled at the spectacle of the vivid red blood spurting theatrically from countless necks after that.  She would be sad at the end, and be satisfied at the theme of those that seek vengeance ultimately get their just desserts.

Dessert eh? Hmmm.. after this she would be hungry.  She would consult her guide book, which would recommend a whimsical place by the name of 'The Cupcake Cafe'. Cupcakes you say? Better than Magnolia you claim? She will see about that...

Off she would march to 40th and 9th, off to see these cupcakes of note.. and sample their delights.  She would get there and be charmed by its beautiful interior.  Whitewashed vintage benches, thrifted chairs alongside marble slabs of table, adorned with fairy lights.  

And the cakes, the most prettiful cakes...

She would order cupcakes, quiche and a large cup of coffee...

She thought her friends and family would benefit from close up pictures of those cakes.. She would also drool a little bit.

She would tuck in....

And then she heard a voice...

"Laura-JANE is that work-related???"

She awoke from her day-dream, told Amel to shut his filthy piehole, and carried on reading Perez Hilton... uh *ahem* I mean, continued to do work.


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