Monday, February 04, 2008

My art..

Isn't that cool?  No really, isn't that just so cool?  It's an art installation or sculpture or something, currently on display at the MOMA.  And don't you just love it?  Each neon number is the sum of the two previous numbers, and it leads over a bed of twigs, through a canopy to the other side.  I think it's awesome.

There's lots of awesome stuff at the MOMA.  There's the famous stuff:

Like the Warhol's.  You can never have enough Warhol. Here's another one:

How about a bit of Vincent?  Altogether now *Starry starry niiiiiight*

Oh and I nearly forgot about the Monet's.  Gosh isn't the Monet just spell-binding?

It's bang on the Monet if you ask me. 

Sorry.  That was a bad joke.  I apologise.  But admit it, you laughed a little bit.  Oh and let's not forget the Pollack:

Also at the MOMA, there is some other more niche-market, only-famous-if-you-did-art-for-a-degree stuff... also awesome:

I know this from somewhere, but I can't recall the name..

Again, I know this is by the guy that paints with dots, but I'll be buggered if I can remember his name

Oh, and this one.. I stood next to it and made a "P" with my hands, but my friend Chris didn't look amused.  So I stopped that.  But you would have laughed right?? RIGHT?!

This is that guy that I know was a Warhol contemporary, but he may as well be the postman for all I can tell about what he was christened as...

And these were some tools.  Actually come to think of it, was this even a piece? Or did I accidentally stumble into a tool shed??? I know, I know... I'M A PHILESTINE!

OK, now I may not know anything about this piece, but I can tell you that I liked it.  It's a map of America in case you can't tell.

Now there was also some stuff at the MOMA that I'm not convinced is that famous, but I still enjoyed it immensely.  Like this chair:

See the beautiful reflection the light makes on the floor? So pretty... 

And there was this weird plastic viney stuff:

And this... tunnel?!?!

Oh, and isn't this just the best chess set of all time?

I mean, as far as chess sets go, its pretty cool.  The pieces look like what the rules are.  Like the bishop is a cross. The knight is an L shape... etc etc. Clever!

Oh and also, aren't these the prettiest glasses?

And there was this Tiffany lamp (ok, I'll give you that.  That is famous) which made me despair at my own light fittings:

But, there was something about the neon path of numbers that spoke to me...

The way it petered out into the distance.  I kept thinking about Miles' post about making your own path.  I guess that's what this guy did.  I feel bad, I don't even know who did it.

But anyway, you know what else is pretty awesome??

This gee-tar wall from the Hard Rock Cafe Times Square.  That's also a work of art in itself.  Wouldn't have looked that out of place at the MOMA in face.

Oh and one last thing that wouldn't look out of place in the MOMA:

My nails... 28 days and counting...

This is my art.

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Daddio said...

You should recognise the number sequence if not from your maths then "the da vinci code" - its the fibanacci series and is common throughout nature. Look at a sunflower seed head, a pine cone and lots more.

Glad to see my instruction in making jokes is paying off :)