Monday, January 28, 2008

It was acceptable in the 80s

Just a quick one today..

Yes, this is me (and my friend Chris!).  Yes, I have far too much makeup on.  Yes I am wearing some sort of black lace ra-ra monstrosity and fingerless leather gloves.  No, it is not 1987.  

Why? Why the bloody hell not?! No, seriously, this was all in aid of my friend Becca's birthday party, which was conducted under the umbrella theme of 'The 1980's" this weekend.

Just thought I would share the hilarity.

I have done other things this weekend, but I was an utter tard and forgot to take my camera out.  Luckily, thanks to Isabel, who let me borrow her camera for picture taking purposes (I guess, what else right?) I do have pictures, but not on my person/computer.  I will be getting them my way tomorrow though.  So I figured to let you guys know I haven't given up on my 'at least once a week' pledge in terms of blogging, you could all have a good old giggle at what I would have dressed like if I had in fact been partying circa 1987. Sexy no?!

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helenevans5 said...

LJ I think the 80's suit you! Looks like your having fun. Take care. Don't forget to go to Cath Kidston NYC -the new spring summer range is out and it's a keeper. fo sure! x