Sunday, January 13, 2008

Missed the last train home, birds pass by to tell me that I'm not alone..

Check me out updating weekly!  Unfortunately this will be a photo-less blog as I lent my camera to my boss this weekend.

So, updating, this is one of many things I now vow to do as it is a new year.  New year = new starts.

Due to my spa extravagances last week, this week has been "poor" week! So, I have not done an awful lot that is exciting.  So why blog?  Well, because everything is changing this week, and I want to use it as an excuse to get into a proper routine. 

The old January Mountbatten intake is leaving on Friday, which means all the apartments are changing and moving around at people's request to make way for the new January intake.  I am staying where I am with Jez, but we will have two May's in the boys room, and two new January's with me.  So next weekend I am going to scrub this apartment from top to bottom, and make it all nice.  And then attempt to keep it so with some sort of regular cleaning routine.  We'll see how that turns out.

Today, I also went to the gym.  To pick up a copy of their winter class schedule.  I didn't actually do any sweating! I have decided I am going to try to go to the kickboxing class on Wednesday's and the Pilates class on Friday's.  And then maybe do a work out at the weekend.  Again, we'll see how that turns out. 
I have decided that Sunday's will become chill-out days.  I have already started graduating onto the New York Times Sunday Crossword puzzle, as I have now had enough practice at the weekday ones that I feel like I can even vaguely attempt the Sunday behemoth.  It takes me a while, sometimes all week! But I am getting better!  Today, I got up and went to Starbucks, got a coffee and a lemon slice and sat with my puzzle for a good few hours. Bliss.  I like these kinds of Sundays.

I am also going to take time to explore different areas of New York, on Saturdays with my camera for blogging and fulfillment purposes.

I am also going to try to Skype my family on Sunday's... however this didn't work last week! And looks like it is set to fail this week, as I am currently logged in, and my family are nowhere to be seen!  And I can't hang around much longer, because I have been invited to a theater performance downtown with a friend of mine, and then later, I am going to Battery Park to see a fireworks display.  This is in honour of the QE, QM and QV2's meeting in the Hudson River.

When I lent my camera to my boss, I didn't realize there would be quite so much I'd be wanting to take photos of.


Oh well, I gots to jet as otherwise I will be late for Blair and he might get mad-eye!

Lots of love xxx


Daddio said...

Hope you keep up the weekly blog.

Sundays are going to be awkward for a while - I go to bed early as I have the alarm set for 04:00!!! to get the plane to Dublin. I am online up til about 20:30 here but after that it's up to Mum.

Glad to see your organizing everything - just like you.


Anonymous said...

Hi sweetpea i finally got to update myself with yr blog. I love all the piccies an new lay out is ok BUUUT, I have big trouble reading white on black, i have headache from squinting!! Can you not change colours to something easier to read? Hope yr ok, love you loads, am going to ring holly later, will let you know when we're meeting up. All my love and blow kisses!!!, mum xxxxxxxxxx