Sunday, January 09, 2011

My Ovaries Hurt

Tiny hoody for a tiny person

Don't jump to conclusions. I haven't been that kind of busy while I've been gone. So shhh.

Teeny tiny buttons

No, this cutest cutest knit is a wee little hoody for a friend of mine who had a baby at Easter. Yes I know, Easter was a while ago - but I have been super clever and knitted for a one-year old, so this should fit. I hope it fits. It better bloody fit.

Pocket detailing. For keeping your baby money and baby keys and baby mobile in. I think. I mean, I assume.

I finished off this little knit last night, sewing on the finishing touches, like the cute buttons and sewing the casing for the weeny waist cord to keep babies tummy warm. It's now ready to be sent to its owner, but just had to post about it before it left my hands because its so SCRUMMY CUTE. I mean, come on, even if you're not remotely interested in babies - it has to stir something in you. I mean, look at the TINY SLEEVES!

An icord. Nothing to do with Apple.

From a knitting point of view, it was really satisfying to work up. It was a Rowan pattern, called 'Jay', and had lots of interesting detail that I'd never done before, like a hood and a waist icord - so it was nice to attempt these things for the first time on a smaller version, as if it went wrong it wasn't too much hassle to put right.

Also, I don't know if I've mentioned but this thing is teeny tiny. TINY. So it was really quick to do, which is always nice for those impatient among us (i.e. me).

They even do up and everything.

Seriously the best thing I've ever knitted. My ovaries have hurt a lot but I'm sure it's been worth it.

Now, someone restrain me from contacting the nearest sperm bank.

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