Monday, January 03, 2011


Cos nothing fuels a reboot like a cappuccino

Hi, remember me?

No? Don't blame you. I last clicked 'Publish' in Oct 2009!! That was like, a whole other decade ago. Christ.

My blogging career stalled abruptly then due to those issues with my camera I was alluding to over the last posts I wrote here. Eventually the camera gave up the ghost, and it has SHAMEFULLY taken me until now to get a camera that is good enough to enable me to slip back into the blogging saddle again.

And I've really missed it! I love photography, I love writing, and I love connecting with new people - it was my little creative outlet and I let it shrivel up and die. I'm sorry to any readers that I may miraculously still have and most of all sorry for myself. Sad times!

But, it's a new year, a new start and a reboot for There And Back Again so I want to kick off on a positive note. Let's chalk 2010 up to a camera-less blogging void, and start fresh now in 2011, with a new camera, new exciting adventures to be had, new friends to be made and hopefully reconnecting with some old ones along the way.

Here's to a Happy New Year, and a happy new era here!

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Bubalus said...

Well you knew I would still be following!
Welcome back?