Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Postal Pick-Me-Up

Sparkly Goodness

I've been feeling foolish today. It really only boils down to one reason. Essentially, I attempted to make a jam roly-poly (adapted from Jane's Mrs Beaver's Marmalade Roly-Poly in her super fantastic book) and I went and bloody rolled it up the wrong way. I did it longways instead of widthways. And it didn't really make that much difference to the taste, but the look of it was not as good as it should have been. And I was so looking forward to blogging about it.

So, I'm a fool, a goddamned fool I tell you!! 

Luckily, I got something in the post today (again!) that cheered me up.  A while ago, I won a competition that the lovely Frassy held! And today my prize arrived!


The main part of the prize was a CD of Frassy tunes. I'm excited to listen to this. Candy for the ears I'm sure!

And then there was...

Hello Kitty fun

Sartorial delights

... lots of sequins, pinking sheared fabric squares and cutout's of hearts and gorgeous model images... all because:

..So there!

Right! Frassy loves scrapbooks. Unfortunately, I do not scrapbook.... but I do have a soft spot for organized chaos and inspiration, in the form of noticeboards.  It's such a snapshot of people's personality and I love the fact that it can be constantly updated and changed without too much fuss..

My favourite part of my room

I love my noticeboard. And obviously, what I keep on there changes as my likes and inspirations and tastes change. A few things that are on there at the moment are photos of friends, bows I've collected, some kind of penguin reference (standard), a porcelain dramatic mask from my gran and postcards from things that remind me of New York. 

But there is space for some of Frassy's lovely giftage to intermingle with all this lovelyness! Yay!

But I am most excited about this that I discovered in amongst the sparkle:


More?!!?!? Awesome! I look forward to it... Thank you Frassy!!


Dooder City said...

That is amazing! I love it when I receive stuff in the mail! What is on the mix?

closeup said...

I loooove post!!! :)
nice blog!

Amber said...

Real mail (gifts, love letters, chocolate) is one of the best things ever. Lucky you!

Little Lj said...

Dooder City: I know, I love winning stuff! The CD is cool, it has chilled out songs at the beginning, and then more up-tempo stuff towards the end, I can see it being put on when I'm getting ready to go party!

Closeup: Thank you!

Amber: I know, post is the bomb! Too bad it's a rarity these days!

Siska said...

the cd looks so fine!

Dooder City said...

I have not seen the Wackness but I kind of want to!

Daisy said...

The cd looks interesting!

Krystal said...

i love A. over at frassy!

Little Lj said...

Siska & Daisy: The CD is really cool!

Dooder City: See it, go see it like yesterday! I loved it!

Krystal: Me too, and even more since she sent me pretty things in the mail!