Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wedding Details

Sugar flowers handmade by the bride herself - better than any cake I could make! 

I love weddings. Even if I don't really know the betrothed couple that well, there's something about sharing that special day with them that gets me all teary eyed. It will become part of their history and story as people, and you are contributing in some small way to the narrative of their lives, to tales that they will tell for generations. Its a privilege.

Last weekend I attended the wedding of a good friend of mine from uni - there was a big group of us that all lived together for the first two years of uni. She's an absolute diamond of a girl, and we are all super super happy for her that she's getting married, to a really sweet guy (who ticks pretty much all the boxes of her list of essential husband qualities she made in our first year!!) so it was a real 'meant-to-be' day. This appeals to all my Disney-influenced romantic tendencies!

Party favour

There are certain moments in a wedding that I always enjoy as they tend to happen at pretty much every one you go to - the moment when the bride makes her entrance, and the look on the grooms face, the first kiss as a married couple and father of the bride speech to name but a few.

But the best bit of weddings is seeing all the little details that make it unique and special and completely 'their' day.

Barn chic 

Last weekend there were so many of these. The vintage car that they drove from the church in. The wedding cake that was decorated with a huge cluster of hand crafted sugar flowers, made by the bride no less! The beautiful barn adorned with fairy lights, bunting and flowers in the middle of the Dorset countryside that hosted the reception. The exhausting but damn hilarious ceilidh. The mismatched crockery that held the afternoon tea - of course the wedding breakfast would be afternoon tea! The bride is famed for her tea obsession. The tables were all named after different teas, and even the party favours were a selection of gourmet teas.

 Vintage crockery

It was completely and utterly their day, and so beautiful.


Dina said...

What beautiful photos! You're so talented and sweet x

littledollface said...

It's all in the details! Those sugar flowers are impressive - looks like a lovely day! x

jos xx said...

i really like weddings as well :)
there's something so magical about them!

jos xx

everyonescelebrity said...

What a cute cute day you had :)

ps. Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm returning the favour :)