Sunday, April 26, 2009

Keep Me Posted

Wish you were here...

Everybody likes post. I know I do.  Especially unexpected post. Not bills, or junk mail, but proper post.  Just those little notes to cheer people up, make someone's day, tell them good news and let them know they were thinking of you.

Postcards: 30p; Gemstones: 1.50; Labour: 2 hrs; Having someone know you care: Super Safe, Yo

These postcards were something I made when I moved to London to let friends and family know of my new address.  Rather than send the lame "I've moved" pre-prepared notelets you can buy in shops that have no personality whatsoever, I decided to find the cheesiest London postcards in the world and customize them by gluing individual gemstones spelling out "I've moved" instead.

I suppose that yes, it did take longer than just filling in the template of a pre-prepared notelet. But that's not the point. The point is I used my creativity, my hands, and time to make something small but unique to send a message to the people I love.  And to me, that's worth it.

Goodies from afar!

There's someone else who knows the value of post for making people feel special.  Amber from CodeForSomething has recently been on a bit of a travel extravaganza in the Far East.  She wrote a post that touched on a lot of the points that I have above, and ended it with the generous offer of sending a little token something from her travels to anyone that wanted it.

Pamphlet from Barbie Shanghai

I entirely agreed with everything she had to say on the subject, and of course, I was not going to let an opportunity for fun post go to waste!

I emailed Amber to let her know where to send her post to, and waited.  I was really only expecting a postcard, but Amber did so much better than that!

Good luck money

She had sent me lots of small tidbits of her travels: Asian money (I believe this is good luck?) in a red envelope, an explanatory postcard, and a pamphlet from the super massive Barbie store in Shanghai! I thought that was so thoughtful, as when Amber reported on this mecca for brand-lovers everywhere on her blog, I had commented to say that I loved the look of it.  So to include this was super special!

Thank you Amber! And for the rest of you, think about how personalised post makes you feel, and next time you have the opportunity, take some time out to try and help someone feel the same. It'll make someone smile. Promise!


carrie / wishwishwish said...

wow thats great : )

jules said...

Those sound amazing.

Amber said...

Thank you for the kind words my love! Glad you liked the post :)

Leia said...

I love the postcards you made! Amber sent my co-blogger Sherin a package too. So cool :)

Leia said...

Oops, sorry, the link to my blog in the other post came out wrong. Fixed it now!

Little Lj said...

Carrie: Twas pretty sweet!

Jules: Amber's package was so cute!

Amber: I really did! Thank YOU.

Leia: No worries! Thanks for the comment! I'm glad Amber is spreading the joy far and wide!

Dooder City said...

That is so amazing and creative that you thought of doing that and informing people of your new address through post cards.

yoli said...

so cute! I love postcards...

Jordan said...

i love getting postcards! i see you lived in new york for a year! i'm going there in a week! if you have any suggestions for shopping, bars etc leave me a comment on my blog! i'd love any advice you have!

Bubalus said...

Loved the postcards, sadly didn't receive one (does that mean you don't love me any more?) :-)

Keep up the good work


dapper kid said...

Loved this post dear :) I love the fact that you sent the cheesy London postcards! I have yet to buy one, despite having lived in London all my life lol. And whenever I travel abroad, I always bring back things to keep like money notes, local maps and even just little cards or packaging from food they produce there.

Little Lj said...

Deana: Aw thanks!

Yoli: I know me too! Thank you for your comment!

Jordan: Thanks for the comment! I left you a comment that was possibly more like an essay on what you should do in NY... whatever you do, it'll be awesome.

Dad: You know my new address!

Dapper Kid: Aw shucks... Yes, cheesy postcards for the win! I want to collect and frame them!