Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cakes of the Pan

For those that don't know, this is the oft-spoken-about but lesser-spotted Holly. She's a pancake whiz.

And so it came to pass that the greatest day of the year was yet again upon us. It is a day for celebration, for rejoicing, for merriment. For eggs, for milk, for flour. For maple syrup, for bacon, for sugar (yes really, keep reading).

It's Pancake Day is what it is, and it is, quite frankly, my favourite day in the whole goddamn year.

Holly's so good at pancake making, she can iPhone it up and do a pancake all at once. That pancake was the best one.

I didn't celebrate last year in America because I pretty much had pancakes every Sunday as part of what I (and possibly others, who can tell) like to call "brunch".  

But on a normal year, when I'm not living my life in foreign countries, I abstain from any pancake eating as much as possible throughout the year in preparation for this momentous occasion.  Because it makes them taste that much sweeter. The anticipation is electric. 

What a tosser

Throughout my university years, it was the beautiful Holly that kept me sated every Pancake Day. She was the undisputed Champion of the Toss; the Master of the Batter. In short: the Princess of Pancakes.  So you can imagine how fantastically excited I have been that I managed to move myself in with her just before the greatest of days arrived again!

Check the skillz, man

And this year, Holly did not disappoint.  She rustled up a hefty batch for all of us, and lo, it was good.

But, what did I ever do in return for all this kind pancake flip/tossing over the years you ask?!

Why but of course! I introduced Holly to the best pancake combo literally known to man. All men. On earth. That ever lived.

There it is.. hit me with the good stuff...

A hefty stack of pancakes. Plus bacon. Plus maple syrup*.

Try it. Have it. Make it. Make it and put it all up in your mouth. I promise you, your mouth will love you forever.

*Or, if your local shop has decided that maple syrup is not to be stocked on Pancake Day, we found honey also works. It's also a healthier albeit slightly inferior substitute.


Dooder City said...

Yum. I love pancakes and she looks like she could flip some mean pancakes.

ryder said...


Alan said...

Why don't we have pancakes more often, when everyone likes them so much?

Little Lj said...

Dooder City: They were some awesome pancakes!!

ryder: Me too!!

Dad: Because then they would become mundane and everyone would take them for granted, silly! Maegan said...

I will not put bacon in my mouth unless it's dipped in syrup first! This looks amazing! {and I love your dress!}