Sunday, February 15, 2009

Vintage Birthday Beret

This birthday was handmade from head to toe. Or card.. whatever.

Big news! I found wifi!! Free wifi!! So I am able to bring you this post from a table in the Barbican on a Sunday afternoon, which I am typing whilst listening to all the podcasts I have fallen behind with since being in London without proper internet access for the last two weeks. Oh Claudia Winkleman, President Obama and Woman's Hour, I've missed you!

Hopefully I will be moving into my permanent base (with actual internet!) next weekend, so normal blogging (and reciprocal blog comments) will resume!

So what do I have to show for myself for the last two weeks? Well, I am settling in well in my new job for those who were wondering. And to pass the time without the internet I have been working steadily away at my super friend Holly's birthday gifts.

The card, I made myself with my new interchangeable blade craft scissors. But the thing I am most pleased with is the beret..

Knitty Gritty:
Pattern - 'Vintage Beret' from Rowan Magazine No. 44
Yarn - Two skeins of the recommended Rowan Wool Cotton. I used it in French Navy.
Needles - 3.75 mm for the ribbing, changing up to 4 mm for the main body of the hat

Yeah, I keep my hats on my digital radio... don't you?!

I used a pattern from one of my Rowan books that I got in the mail all those weeks ago. As can be expected from a Rowan pattern it was really easy to follow, and well written and quite a pleasurable, fairly quick knit.  I'm not sure why, but I expected it to be knit in the round... but no, it's knit on regular needles and then you sew up the seam... clever huh?

Talking of seams: can I just take a moment and marvel at the genius that is mattress stitch?! This was my first ever foray into seams and of witnessing the wonder of this miracle. At first I was sewing quite loose, so I could see what I was doing (as per the advice of my knitting bible) and was skeptical, as it didn't look like it was going to do anything spectacular, and possibly ruin at the last minute all my hard knitting work: sabotaging and spoiling the final look of the piece.

But no! I worked a few inches, and then pulled tight, and LIKE MAGIC... a beautifully invisible seam was born!! Very professional. 

So, now that I can do seams... I am now looking forward to getting my next project on the needles: my very first item of clothing. I'm toying between what to choose, but I think it will definitely be a cardigan (I am the cardigan queen). I literally can't wait.


Daddio said...

Does that mean I will be allowed to have my red jumper back?

Rand said...

i want a black beret too!:P

Anonymous said...

A very beautiful beret it is too! Thank you once again, you truly are a knitting pro! Holly x

Dooder City said...

I love beret's!
What is so kind to make that card for your friend.
I am glad you found internet. BUT wit your iPhone you can check your blog where ever you go!

Little Lj said...

Daddio: Ummm... like, y'knooow... whatever

Rand: I know it doesn't show up in the pictures that well, but I actually knitted it in navy! Black would work nicely too though!

Holly: Aw shucks..

Dooder CIty: Yes, the iPhone has literally saved my life. Luckily have the internet working at home now! So all is back to normal: yay!