Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Seafood on the Seashore

Mudeford Quay. Which I thought was pronounced 'Kway' until I was about 13. I'm special.

Today, my dad and I did something that I haven't done for years. Literally, many moons. And it's something that always reminds me of being a little girl.

We took a trip to Mudeford Quay.

Mudeford is a little seaside village between Bournemouth (my home town) and the next town along the south coast of England, Christchurch. 

I was always really scared of falling in and drowning in this bit of water when I was little.. I think it was because of this sign..

When I was a young whippersnapper, my dad would take me and my sister (and later my brothers) to Mudeford every so often. 

I'm not really sure why, as there was not really a lot there for kids to do, apart from crabbing. In the summer, there are always group after group of kids hanging over the railings, dangling crab lines into the sea.  Each group, had a bucket of water, ready to house the crabs in when they caught them.  From sun up to sun down, the lines would go up and down, and there would be periodic cheers every time a crabalicious bounty was secured and carefully transplanted to its temporary home.  And then at the end of the day, when it came time for tea, the crabs were counted, scores tallied, and all thrown back in.

Lobster net sunset

Thinking about it, it's a pretty goal-less endeavour. But I do remember it being hours and hours of fun. Especially when you caught too many crabs, and they formed an escape committee, climbed on top of each other and out of the bucket, scuttling sideways off into the distance, and freedom.

Oh, fun times.

Back of the net

But that's a summer activity. In winter time, there's nothing here. Yet I always loved coming. I think it's the beautiful views, the tempestuous sea that makes me feel so alive, and the food.

Oh yes, the food.  

There's a cafe at Mudeford, for you to go to, if you wish to have a cup of tea. 
But we never go there.

There's even a pub, if you wish to have a pint of beer. 
But we never go there.

We go to the best place.
Mudeford Quay Fish Stall.

For these:

Check out my immaculately manicured nails. On second thoughts, don't.

Always a pot of prawns, a cocktail stick and lashings of secret seafood sauce.

Ever since I can remember.

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