Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Very Knitted Birthday

 Storm: A tunic with eyelet panels

BEHOLD! For I hereby present to you what I believe to be the best quality knit I ever did knit! And how did this great work of craftmanship come about? Well, I'll tell you.

It all started about 6 months ago. At Christmas, when descending on the rental unit's house for the festive period, I brought with me every knitting pattern book I own, and presented them to my mum with one simple prospect.

"Mother!" I exclaimed, for that is her name. "Mother, I have a proposition for you. I hereby agree to knit you one item of clothing, for your birthday in June. This will be your present. But you have to choose which pattern you want from these mags. Get cracking - I need a decision by January 1st. Loveyoubye!"

 The button, the button, whose got the button?

And choose she did. The pattern was 'Storm' from Kim Hargreaves Heartfelt collection. I love Kim's designs and eagerly await any new pattern books released.

Her designs are always fresh contemporary, modern designs, inspired by current trends and what is showing on the catwalks each season - about as far removed from what anyone normally thinks of when they think of knitting patterns. A pullout from the middle pages of 'Yours' magazine, this ain't!

Follow the eyelet stitched road? No? No. You're right, that doesn't work.

ANYWAY, back to Mum. She'd chosen Storm, and the colour of wool, so the challenge was set. Her birthday was in June so I had six months to complete something half decent, worthy of gifting as a respectable present.

Storm was an interesting knit as you end up knitting it all in one piece, by joining the two front panels at the back neck and just keep knitting to complete the back. So there is no seam on the shoulders. This made it quite easy, and it ended up being quite quick as its a big chunky knit too. 

Sleeve me alone

So, I had visions of this being something that was being knitted right down to wire - staying up all night to get this finished on time, amped up on coffee. But no, no, it was all ready and finished in plenty of time. It got packaged up and sent to her for her birthday last week via the medium of Dad's Courier Service and all was well.

I haven't yet seen her in it, but I am told that it fits really well, and that it keeps her warm (a knitted item of clothing providing warmth? WHO KNEW?!). However, I was horrified to learn that it was also apparently, when worn on her actual birthday last weekend, slightly dampened by an impromptu rain shower!!! Yes! Yes! I know! This is bad! Wool and water do not happy bedfellows make! But don't panic - I have been reliably informed that it has in fact recovered with no visible damage. Phew.

Although, I did of course warn that this can never happen again or I might have to confiscate it. Because, I'm quite proud, it's turned out real good. Which when you're knitting for someone else, is always best.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see the finished article it looks very profesh.Just to be a bit of a knitting geek but Sarah Hatton did the Studio books that we're fans of xxx

A Thrifty Mrs said...

It looks fantastic. I love the colour of the yarn. Great work!

Claire said...

My god, it's like the me-I-hope-to-be! It's lovely. I am currently halfway up the back of the cardigan. I have paused for thought around the armpits. And by pause, I of course mean, become distracted.

PinkBow said...

wow! you knit this yourself?? i tried knitting when i was younger... now i do like my crochet!

Little Lj said...

Anonymous, aka Holly: Woops! Have rectified, thanks for setting me straight!

A Thrifty Mrs: Thanks! I've been to check out your blog, it's great, a new one for my blogroll I think!

Claire: Ooh, cool, you're knitting this too? Can't wait to see the finished article! What colour are you doing yours in?

Paula: Yes I did - it is easier than it looks! If you can crochet, I'm sure you can learn to knit!